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    Minnie Foxx

Live Performance Artist


The Foxx 


         “The Stunning Chanteuse”       

                                                  ~ Vanity Fair Magazine

*MinnieFoxx, a brown eyed, bronzed beauty originally

from Ohio. She, pursued her entertainment career

dreams in Hollywood, California and has become

A Multi-Talented, Award Winning Actress, Model,

Singer, Show Host, Producer and Motivational Speaker.


* * *   

Theatrical Performances

*Foxx, has appeared

in a wide variety of Television, Film, Theater, Fashion, Radio, Media, Voice, Print and Entertainment Productions!

* Best Leading Actress for the musical stage play the

"Power Of A Diva" and

* Best Live Theater Performance

"Cafe Gladys Place ~ A Gospel Musical Love Story"

premiered at Hollywood Celebrity Centre!  

* * *   

           Musical Performances

*Foxx, is a BMA Music and Academy of America Award Winner! Nominated in two categories and Winner of "Best Overall Musical Performance In A Stage Play"! And special Tribute to Nancy Wilson

* * *   

              Fashion Catwalk

Gorgeous, Coco Perfection, A Vision Of Pure Essence”

 ~Baby Doll VIP Japan

* * *   

           Red Carpets

*Foxx, is no stranger to Lights! Cameras! Action! the “Red Carpet Catwalks” of Hollywood, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Memphis, Paris, Japan. and Five Pageant Titles!Currently, California Spokes Model and Host Mademoiselle Courvoisier  

 On.. 3, 2, 1, Strike that Pose... Diva! 

* * *   

              Talk Show Host

*Foxx, the captivating Host of

The Elite

Network Talk Show!

Empowerment * Image * Entertainment

Soft P.R. * Relationships * Community

Family * Business * Networking

Image Principle Studios

* * *   

          Motivational Speaker

"Mentoring Our Youth, is Hope For The Future!"  

 ~Norvell JiFloyd* Actor 

*Foxx,Community Outreach is bringing Awareness to

“Domestic Violence & Mentoring Our Youth”

Devoted, Honored and Rewarded by LA Mayor

Villaraigosa, California Senate, LAPD, RBChamber of Commerce, Pastor Cecil Murray, Women Working Together Inc., Minority Business Entrepreneur and LVH Magazines

She, is a powerful Motivational Speaker, a Voice in the Silence.


Join the Journey:

Kidz Klub Njc.

Floyd*Gladys Place

* * *   

Media Buzz

Beverly Hills Times * Vanity Fair Magazine

Hollywood Reporter Magazine

Hype Hair Magazine * LVH Magazine

Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine

EBC Logcritics Magazine * U.S. Politics Today

Hybrabad India News * Baby Doll VIP Japan News

Desi Talk Chicago News * Toledo Journal News

Las Vegas Review Journal News 

Eurweb News * Final Call News * Metro LA News

UCW News * LA Crusader News * LA Times

LA Focus * BA Vision * LVH Media 

Spy On Vegas * Review Lounge * Digital Comics BHaratstars Report * Lady Diamond Review

Jazz Journalist * BMA Music Review

Wikipedia * IMDB * LACasting

Actors Access * Casting Frontier  

Fascinating., Captivating., A Phenomenal Woman" 

~Shyra Arrington/SPR 

  Check Out..   

           theMinnieFaces of theFoxx

  Visit: Appearances 

  Visit: Red Carpets

* * *   

 *SpotLight On The Foxx 

Live Performing Artist ~ [email protected],com *

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